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Did you ever wonder how the Internet works? How does a router look like? What color does a IP packet have? How does a IP packet travel through firewall. All the answers and many more can be found in the Warriors of the net move. It is available in many different languages. It is the prefect tool for introducing Internet to novice users. It helps the newcomers visualize how the Net works. It is free to download for non commercial use.

Commercial Use
If you want use Warriors of the net commercialy please purchase a license here

Happy Birthday Warriors of the net
The movie has been on the net for 10 years now, we are still averaging a couple hundred visitors a day from every country in the world. We have lost count of the number of downloads

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Subnet Calculator
We build a tool so you can experiment with subnets. Link to subnetcalc.

What country does an IP come from?
Click here to se your ip address and what country it is registred in.