Subtitles are available in several languages

ArabicMicroDVDAhmad Kacem
BrazilianLeonardo Pimenta Gonzalez
BrazilianMicroDVDAlessandro Borges
BrazilianSubViewerMÂŽárcio J. de Morais
BulgarianMicroDVDIvan Krasimiroff
Chinese - TraditionalSamiGilbert Wong
Chinese - TraditionalMicroDVDShine Yen
Chinese - SimplifiedMicroDVDShine Yen
CzechMicroDVDJindrich Michal
BrazilianSubripOdacir Piratininga Junior
RussianMicroDVDJane Lee
SpanishMicroDVDDavid Plà Santamaria
SpanishMicroDVDGerman Poo Caaman~o
ValenciaMicroDVDDavid Plà Santamaria
PolishMicroDVDSlawomir Kmiecik
EnglishSubRipKeith Andrews
English HD versionSubRipKeith Andrews
Bahasa IndonesiaYoutube linkWilliam Surya Permana

To use download the file, rename it to be the same as the movie keeping the current extension. Play the movie and the subtitle should appear.

I must admit that I am a bit lost when it comes to subtitling and different players. So if any of the information above is incorrect please feel free to tell me. Some alternative players with subtitle support are BsPlayer RadLight

A user also suggests Vobsub a plugin for Windows Media Player.


  • Subviewer
  • MicroDVD
  • Subrip
  • SAMI Default format for Windows Media Player
  • SubStationAlpha

  • More information about subtitle formats can be found on